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Senior Blockchain / Solidity Developer

We are looking for a Blockchain / Solidity Developer responsible for planning, implementation, operation, and maintenance of all our blockchain projects. As a Blockchain / Solidity Developer you will join a high class technical team, with expertise in developing & delivering advanced decentralized applications across various crypto/DeFi use cases (NFTs, staking, lending/borrowing, trading/AMMs) and institutional use cases (digital assets and payments). You will join an agile and product team where you will be responsible for the delivery of Solidity smart contracts and DApps in production to a wide range of users.


  • Collaborates with the project manager, business analysts and architects to understand the needs of clients and to communicate the status of projects
  • Provides their input on a project’s general or specific architecture
  • Provides accurate task estimates and completes tasks on time, while maintaining a very good code quality
  • Implements a robust set of smart contracts to power our decentralised applications
  • Solve complex performance problems and architectural challenges
  • Builds reusable code and libraries for future use
  • Optimizes the applications for maximum speed and scalability, while keeping transaction costs at a minimum
  • Implements security and data protection
  • Integrates centralised and decentralised storage solutions
  • Writes quality, standardized code, and establishes the best approach to solving code-writing standards to support colleagues with less experience
  • Avoids blockages by asking internal business or product owners for clarifications
  • Motivated, it is continuously perfected in the technologies used by the team, through internal and external trainings
  • Test your own work and perform bug-fixing
  • Constantly supports the QA engineers
  • Acts as a team player and as a good colleague, offers advice, insights, and guidance to other less experienced colleagues

Skills and Qualifications

  • 3+ years of experience as a Software Engineer
  • 1+ years of Solidity smart contract development experience
  • Programming languages
    • Experience developing, deploying and running Dapps/smart contracts in production on Ethereum mainnet or L2/sidechain (ideally DeFi Dapps/protocols and/or token-based use cases)
    • Knowledge of secure Solidity development patterns for tokens and DeFi protocols
    • Good understanding of Javascript Ethereum SDKs (web3,js, ethers.js)
    • Good knowledge of most prominent ERC/EIP Ethereum standards
    • Good knowledge of smart contract development tools/frameworks (Truffle, Hardhat)
  • Considered a plus
    • Knowledge/understanding of other blockchain technologies, such as Polygon, Cosmos / Terra, Binance Smart Chain, IPFS, Bigchain DB
    • Familiarity with DeFi protocols mechanics and smart contract codebases, and/or digital assets/payments and other token standards like ERC-777/20/721/1155/1400 and existing open source implementations (OpenZeppelin, Universal Token, etc.)
    • Knowledge/understanding of cross-chain interoperability techniques (HTLC, bridging)
    • Knowledge/understanding of L2 technologies (ZK/optimistic rollups, PoS/PoA sidechains)
    • Experience writing smart contracts in (Rust, Vyper, etc.)
    • Experience using smart contract auditing techniques (fuzzing, other)
    • Deep knowledge/experience understanding of EVM
  • Tools
    • Experience using smart contract auditing tools (MythX, other)
    • Experience working in CI/CD setup
    • High quality and testing standards
    • Knowledgeable about agile workflows and tools such as JIRA Software
  • Infrastructure
    • Linux fluency
  • Source control
    • Proficient understanding of code versioning tools, such as Git
  • Education
    • Ideally, a bachelor’s degree in software technologies or engineering

Soft Skills

  • Proactive, identifies problems and proposes solutions, can fill their responsibilities autonomously
  • Always in the process of professional and personal development
  • Ability to work as a team player and as a good colleague; sociable
  • Ability to structure and present their ideas and proposals clearly
  • Analytical, attentive to details, orderly in thinking
  • Good communication skills in English (written and spoken)

Benefits Offered

  • Fixed salary on par with the industry
  • Periodical bonuses for growth and extra ordinary performance
  • Yearly bonus for fidelity
  • Professional development, trainings, certifications paid to the company according to a career plan established by mutual agreement
  • Flexible program, within the limits of the efficiency of teamwork and, finally, the integration in a team that puts great value on the results of its work
  • Open work environment and naturally flat hierarchies
  • Great variety of tasks and responsibilities and opportunities to realize your own idea
  • Regina Maria medical subscription
  • Bookster subscription
  • Central location (near Cismigiu Park)

About Us

We are a software development company that develops cutting-edge projects integrating server, mobile and blockchain platforms.

We build solutions for industries:

  • Fintech
  • Media and Publishing
  • New tech / web / blockchain
  • Industrial printing
  • Banking

Our clients range from small and medium companies to multinational corporations, and projects are delivered using Agile methodology. From our team and, implicitly from the future colleague, we expect proactivity, curiosity regarding the new trends in technology and ingenuity in finding the best solutions to complex programming problems.

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